Achievements by Staff- Department of Civil Engineering
S.No Name of Achievement Year Staff Name
1 Dr. B.N.D.Narasinga Rao, has co-ordinated a consultancy work of Geo- Technical Investigations for Waste to Energy Plant at Kappuluppada, Visakhapat 2015 Dr. B.N.D.Narasinga Rao
2 Dr. B.N.D.Narasinga Rao has been granted UGC Minor Research Project on “Wealth from Waste: Fly Ash Utilization for Geo- Technical Applications”. Th 2015 Dr. B.N.D.Narasinga Rao
3 The Department of CIvil Engineering recieved Consultancy work of Concrete mix Design from GVMC, Visakhapatnam. The work is in progress 2015 J. Vikranth
4 Dr.B.N.D.Narasinga Rao has been enrolled as fellow of Indian Geo-Technical Society 2015 Dr.B.N.D.Narasinga Rao
5 Dr.B.N.D.Narasinga Rao has been already enrolled as fellow of Institution of Engineers (India) 2006 Dr.B.N.D.Narasinga Rao